Bizarre Korean Product Advertisements


Last summer I traveled to Seoul Korea and I did a photo story on the plain bizarre/delightful Korean product advertisements that are placed everywhere.

In a surreal, crazy combination of animation and childhood nightmares, its often hard to figure what is being sold or promoted on account of the strange creatures featured in the artwork. Is it a monster? The aftermath of some freak nuclear accident, perhaps? Or is it a friendly animated hero wanting to be our friend?

A lot of questions were left open in my limited western mind; what exactly was it that I was seeing?


Chicken Eye

For some reason the chicken mascot for this Korean restaurant seems to be missing an eye. Is that due to the farming practices or did it get into a street brawl with the mascot from a competing chicken restaurant? Is it some kind of subtle nod to a secret ingredient? Are we going to be eating that missing eye if we dine here? Is the chicken served with a waffle cone in some botched Korean attempt to emulate Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles? So many questions for so much delicious chicken…



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