Scenes from the March for Science in New York City

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This was probably the most well-behaved protest I’ve ever been attended. The March for Science took place this past Saturday in cities all around the United States. The purpose was to: Contact friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members about the importance of advocating for scientific institutions and science-based policies by sharing the Week of Action link on social media and encouraging them to engage their elected officials. Basically, the underlining message: People took to the streets to protest a president who thinks global warming is a hoax.


Unlike other protests, such as in Berkeley – where windows got smashed; the protesters at the March for Science didn’t smash – but I’m sure a lot of them could device a chemical compound that would be able to melt those windows. The sights and sounds on the streets of New York trumpeted the message to Trump  – that we need to support science, facts, statics, and logic to keep our planet intact.

If you didn’t attend the March for Science – here are a few visuals that were had on the streets of New York.

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