April Fools Surprise: Macondo Anyone?


Tomorrow, we celebrate April Fool’s Day… so the folks at TravelBird decided to make a travel offer to a dream world so we can all  have a good laugh!

TravelBird is offering a trip to ‘Macondo’ – an imaginary town that Gabriel Garcia Marquez made famous in his Nobel Prize-winning book, 100 Years of Solitude. TravelBird’s goal is to give folks an April Fool’s chuckle about traveling to a magical literary place – and also help Colombia; as it continues to fight for peace and grow its tourism industry.

Here’s TravelBird’s description of Macondo:

Discover Macondo: A journey through the land of Magical Realism

Experience magical realism in Colombia! Go on the journey of your life and discover the beauty of Macondo – a place where magical things happen: rain of yellow flowers, a banana plantation in complete silence, a flying carpet, mermaids in the waters and fortune tellers. The exotic village of Macondo, with streets full of almond trees and fertile land, was settled on the banks of a crystal-clear river with polished white stones. During your stay you will stay in a diamond-shaped ice house, which guarantees a pleasant temperature in the hot climate. This special offer also includes a picnic in the banana plantation, an all-you-can-eat dinner and a round-trip on a flying carpet.

Check out TravelBird’s landing page (in German): https://travelbird.de/94535/macondo/

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