Dinner at the Hungarian Consulate honoring 200 North Korean student defectors


Whenever I have the opportunity to visit the Consulate General of Hungary in New York – I take it up. Last week, we attended an event honoring: “The Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism.” The purpose of the event: “There were students from every Communist country staying in Hungary when the uprising broke out.  All those foreign Communist students stayed obediently in their dormitories; all, that is, except the North Koreans!  They joined the Freedom Fighters.”


Legendary Talk Show Host Barry Farber was a special guest invited by Ambassador Ferenc Kumin, Consul General of Hungary to the gala. One of those students was Zang Gi Hong, a veteran of the North Korean army who defected to train Hungarian students in the use of all the weapons taken from Russian soldiers.


While an international news reporter and volunteer helper in 1956, Barry Farber risked life and limb during the Hungarian Freedom Fight of 1956 helping evacuate those fleeing Communism. To this day Farber has remained close friends with Zang, who also is being honored at the dinner.


Farber maintains that there still may be some North Korean citizens, like Zang, who are willing to stand up to the tyrannical Pyongyang government that is not as stable as it may appear.


Farber stated, “While students fleeing other Communist nations stayed safely in their dorms in Budapest, 200 North Koreans joined the freedom fight in Budapest but only 3 made it to the West.  This begs the question: How many potential freedom fighters might be living in North Korea today, and might the Pyongyang regime be more unstable than we think?”


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