Nat Geo’s Top Travel Photos to Inspire Us for 2017


The editors at Nat Geo Travel got together and picked their very, very favorite travel photos published in 2016. Look at the lead photo. That’s by Jody McDonald – and was taken in India. Pretty amazing. Let’s kick off the year to a good start  – and show how high the bar was set for last year with majestic images from around the world that struck with the Nat Geo experts. Ready?


The caption of Aaron Huey’s photo reads: “A hiker is seen crossing the lower Ruth Glacier in Alaska. The terrain is rugged, including icefalls, glacial pools, and glacial streams.”


What Stoked for Saturday says about this photo: “Did you know deep inside New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves, blue glowworms dazzle visitors? Watch the video and learn about the experience of capturing footage of this natural phenomenon.”


Dina Litovsky took this amazing photo at Raohe Street Night Market, in the Songshan District of Taiwan – where dozens of food stalls sell local fare such as noodle soups, sausages, stinky tofu, and bubble tea. Read the full article here.


Carolyn Drake’s photo captures a dog scampering past a colorful alley in Milpa Alta, a borough of Mexico City. According to Drake: “Milpa Alta is a district that loves to eat: Each year, it puts on more than 700 religious feasts, all despite more than half of the borough living below the poverty line.”

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