Take A Photo Tour of Burlington, Vermont


So my take on Burlington, Vermont: it’s like a really friendly – slightly backwards East European country. If you’re not familiar with Burlington; it’s the largest city in Vermont and the county seat of Chittenden County. It’s the home of the man who should’ve been president: Bernie Sanders. As well as Phish and woolly sweaters. So let’s take a little photo tour of Vermont’s largest city.


Burlington is located 45 miles south of the Canadian border and 94 miles south of Montreal, Quebec. And this is the bar where Phish got their start.


Burlington is home to a creepy abandoned motel – and this is it.


As the sign reads; this is the City Hall in the center of Burlington.


This is an old-timey train station that rests on the water – and has been converted into a bunch of shops for the smart Burlington shopper.


In the center of Burlington is a pedestrian mall with loads of shops, nice places to eat, plenty of bars – and of course – numerous places to buy woolly sweaters.


The University of Vermont is in Burlington. It’s a very old school. I don’t know the exact date it was founded – but that’s what Google is for.


Do you get it? The Christmas tree is the same shape as the clock tower in Burlington. Get it now?


Bolton Valley is the closest ski area to Burlington. A mere 20 minutes from the city. But don’t expect any form of public transportation set up to take you there – believe me; I asked and had to take a Uber to get there.


My first day of snowboarding there coincided with a blizzard. Note how all the other chairlifts are empty.


There’s a cool old-timey theater in downtown Burlington…and this is it.


The old houses in Burlington go really well with holiday decorations.


Burlington has a nice town square – for those who like taking strolls.


Did I mention there are places to buy eyeglasses in Burlington? Well there is…


If you’re hungry, you can go eat at Henny’s Diner – or at least take a photo of their sign.


The closest train station to Burlington is at Essex Junction.


Okay, that’s it for now – got to leave Burlington and catch the train back to New York. Only a mere 9 hour train trip.

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