World’s Oldest Barbershop Welcomes New Cologne for the Modern Man


Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barbershop – as recorded in the Guinness Book of records. Am I blowing your mind? By  Royal Warrant, Truefitt & Hill has held the appointment of Master Barber to the royal household since George III.

Yes, thee George III!

The barbershop has been in the business of grooming kings, princes, politicians, author and celebrities since the old-timey days of 1805. So, you can imagine, that for over 211 years, Truefitt & Hill has been intertwined with some of the greatest historical figures and events. That’s a heck of a lot of famous head the establishment has groomed.


Truefitt & Hill’s heritage is seen with the introduction of Apsley: a captivating new cologne for the modern man. Apsley evokes the long forgotten elegance of a prestigious bygone eras- and reflecting the storied history of a truly unique company. Talk about street-creds: The fragrance is named after the iconic London landmark and former residence of one of Truefitt & Hill’s past patrons: the 1st Duke of Wellington.

One of England’s most esteemed sons, his name conjures up the image of determination, sophistication and selfless courage. Aspley celebrates the spirit of men who aspire to these same values and to achieve personal greatness in whatever they do.

“Apsley epitomises the quintessential English gentleman and its enduring name links the past with the free spirit of a modern man,” says Truefitt & Hill North America Director Linda Mountford. “This welcome addition to our range also rightfully shows that after two centuries, Truefitt & Hill as a brand, continues to expand, innovate and evolve.”


Not only does the description of Apsley sound good – but it also makes me slightly hungry: Apsley Cologne has been formulated to ignite the senses with a refined blend of smouldering woods accentuated by light citrus notes. The harmonious overtones of woody vertivert are lifted by a refreshing essence of grapefruit and accentuated by notes of pepper. Its heart of cedar-wood and patchouli is enriched by sensual notes of musk to create an alluring base.

The iconic English brand offers a comprehensive grooming solution for the modern man who appreciates heritage, craftsmanship, and the importance of always putting their best face forward. As well as its extensive range of colognes, Truefitt & Hill carries a full line of shaving, hair and skin products, shaving accessories and giftware.

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