Be a Contributor to Nextleg!


You love travel writing. We love travel writing. Let’s all love travel writing. So why not be a contributor to Media Kitty’s Nextleg site? We are open to travel related stories, videos, photos, Vines, or what not, from our Media Kitty members. Do you have any stories/content you would like to feature on Nextleg? Perhaps you have a great story about your time in Bora Bora or an amazing photo series of a bike trip through Vietnam? We are open to new pieces or republishing past stories.  We will credit you for the pieces and amplify the post by tagging you to our 20k social media followers. Nextleg is a travel culture resource powered by Media Kitty and pulls together our global network of journalist, photographers, videographers, and storytellers.


  • Send your story in a document form such as via Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Images should at least be 650 x 300
  • Include a short bio (a couple sentences will do), and links to social media and website
  • A photo for your author page
  • For previously published stores, you can send links.
  • Send video via Google Drive
  • Be an active part of the Media Kitty community by contributing to Nextleg and sharing on your social channels. We will do the same. #nextleg


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