The Ever Famous Fenway

DSC_0206Since 1912, Fenway Park has been home to one of America’s most cherished baseball teams – the Boston RedSox. This iconic stadium is situated in the heart of Boston and is recognized as one of the most renowned stadiums in the MLB (Major League Baseball). Rich in history and pride, the stadium has quite the story to tell, and watching the Boston RedSox play on their home turf is a dream for many die hard fans and curious travellers alike.


Not that eager to commit to 9 innings of baseball, crazed fans and a continuous refill of salty peanuts? Fair enough – not everyone is super stoked to indulge in the full baseball game extravaganza of team jersey’s, painted faces of thousands of hard core fans and the constant sounds of “take me out to the ball game” ringing in your ears. I get it – not everyone thrives in the live sports action. To some, this experience probably sounds nothing short of overwhelming & slightly chaotic. To others it is pure bliss. Take your pick.


Regardless of your level of dedication to the game – if you are looking for a more intimate and less invasive, yet sporty experience, you may want to consider taking the one hour Fenway Park tour available year round. The tour will take you through the empty corridors of the stadium and give you a chance to soak in the history that resides within the brick and mortar.


This private tour (minus the 15 some odd other people also on the tour) takes you from the bleachers, to the field to the press boxes and more! Believe me when I say this, as a non-committed baseball fan – Fenway stadium will instantly make you want to become a Boston Red Sox fan.


Oh and let’s not forget about the Green Monster – the massive wall situated in left field. To this day, that is the highest wall in all of baseball, according to some sporty people who keep track of that sort of thing. Legend has it that all former and current players for the Boston Red Sox have signed the inside of that wall. The down side to this story is that I have no proof that this is actually a thing, nor will you be granted access to behind the wall so we’ll likely never know. Regardless it would be cool if it was true.


Looking for other fun activities or sights in Boston? Take on the Freedom Trail and discover the rich history of the American Revolution in the city that started it all. The trail spans 2.5 miles and will take you on a historic walk around the city – bringing you to a variety of must see pit stops along the way including the Boston Common, the Old State House and the Ben Franklin statue.

Although most of you are jumping with excitement at the thought of a historic tour, I’d like to give you one piece of advice – do yourself a favour and go to the Faneuil Hall market place (aka the Quincy Market) located along the Freedom Trail and get yourself some New England clam chowder – it will probably be the highlight of your visit. Oh and Harvard University is pretty cool too.


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