Things You’ll Find At Any Burning Man Decompression Party


Burning Man is over. Which means it’s time for an endless stream of Burning Man Decompression parties. The next is on Sunday October 11th in San Francisco. BM Decom is like a Burning Man sampler pack except you don’t have to sleep in a desert, worry about dehydrating while tripping your nuts off, or getting covered in dust when hooking up with a woman dressed in a shower curtain and old-timey hat.

The crazy Decom gathering of furry clothing, cool machine art and DJs is right in the heart of San Francisco-you could take the city bus directly to the techno beat doorstep. Thus you can attend the party and make to your job at the Twitter headquarters by 9am.

Burning Man is San Franfreako culture at its freakiest best; reminiscent of the days long before there were Google buses.  Here are a few things you are guaranteed to see at any Burning Man congregation:



Obligatory Dancing Naked Guy With Dreadlocks

You’d almost want your money back if there wasn’t at least one obligatory dancing naked guy with dreadlocks. A crisp $100 bill to anyone willing to take a road trip across America with this chap. Chances are this man invented the Internet along with Al Gore.


Cool Stuff That People Built

Where do people find the time to prep all year round for Burning Man and why can’t they remake the TV show Nightrider with one of these awesome art cars? Someone get Hasselhoff up for The Burn.

Disgusting Clogged Port-A-Potty

There’s always a trade off for the fun had at Burning Man. This usually comes in the form of a dehumanizing toilet experience. This cubicle of horror is an all-sensory jolt back to reality no matter how many space cakes you’ve consumed.

Someone Passed Out On the Dance Floor

Just like mom used to say…it’s only funny until someone face plants into the middle of the dance floor to the tune of techno beats. How do you explain that black eye Monday morning to your coworkers at the Silicon Valley software startup company?

What sights do you usually see at Burning Man events? Please chime in…

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