Have You Tried a Swedish Tunnbrodsrulle?


When in Sweden, be sure to try a Tunnsbrodsrulle. You wont regret the experience. This culinary delight has not made it to our shores. I don’t know because it’s the perfect drunk food. 


A Tunnsbrodsrulle is mashed potatoes served in a pita wrap with a hot dog jammed into it. Genius. Then, top that off with some sweet relish, onions, and a tomato. It’s time to town.


This potato/hot dog hybrid can be found throughout Stockholm at various outdoor food stands.


And don’t mistake a Tunnsbrodsrulle for the other great Scandinavian meaty-concoction, which is the Dansk Hot Dog. This meat-fection was brought over to Sweden by it’s neighbor: Denmark.


Tunnsbrodsrulle is great Swedish street food. I just wish someone would jam a hot dog into some potatoes over here in the United States.

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