Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort


An Aruba destination with distinction, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort announces its new LEED® Silver certification. Commendable design, construction, maintainence and operation with improved environmental and human health performance led to the designation as the only Caribbean hotel awarded LEED Silver certification.

Its goal is to inspire others to join them by investing in green initiatives.

“The green building movement offers an unprecedented opportunity to respond to the most-important challenges of our time, including global climate change, dependence on non-sustainable and expensive sources of energy and threats to human health,” said Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair, USGBC. “The work of innovative projects such as Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts is a fundamental driving force in the green building movement.”

“Becoming LEED-certified is a critical step in our efforts to protect the world we share especially here on Aruba where rising sea levels threaten our very existence,” says Ewald Biemans, owner of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. “We must act together and we must act now. We want to inspire others near and far to make the environment and our earth’s future a top priority. This is a critical time for our endangered environment, so for the future of our planet and our wellbeing, environmental standards and certifications must become common practice on Aruba and throughout the Caribbean.”

Ewald Biemans, owner of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort and noted environmentalist, led a team of resort personnel to achieve its LEED Silver certification. Arnold Solognier, Bucuti’s sustainability and certifications manager, worked with the resort’s employees and vendors to implement practical and measurable solutions, mostly in the areas of water efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainable purchasing, solid waste management, green cleaning and indoor environmental quality.

Retrofitting an existing property to meet LEED standards is much more difficult than building a new structure from the ground up. Even so, hoteliers should know that in addition to being more eco-friendly, retrofitted properties notice immediate savings based on the resulting reduction in energy and water consumption.

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