Discover F. Scott Fitzgerald’s St. Paul


F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in 1896, on Cathedral Hill in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald and his family move to Buffalo, New York when he was fifteen but he returned to St. Paul five years later and attended the Saint Paul Academy. Later, Fitzgerald met and married  Zelda Sayre – and everything hit the fan!

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St. Paul is the land of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The skyline is most noted by the large-ish 1st Bank building.

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Rice Park is where you can find the statue of F. Scott Fitzgerald – which was created in 1996 by Michael Price. The statue represents Fitzgerald in his early thirties and was constructed to honor the renowned author on the centennial of his birthday. Price wanted his work to be “immediately accessible and engaging.” Said Price: “Fitzgerald said he didn’t have a large idea, but he had a large perception, and so developed content from the vantage point of immediate human experience. I wanted to emulate that approach.”

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St. Paul’s Rice Park has been noted as one of America’s Top Great Spaces; for its history and simplicity. The park’s centerpiece is a statue and fountain by Wisconsin artist Alonzo Hauser, donated by the Women’s Institute of Saint Paul in 1965.


Close to Rice Park is the St. Paul Athletic Club. Built in 1916, the building is reminiscent to something you’d find in the pages of the Great Gatsby. After closing and weathering a bankruptcy, St. Paul Athletic Club. has been restored to its former glory.

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The St. Paul Athletic Club was designed by Allen Stem who was the architect of New York’s Grand Central Station.


A good place to conclude your St. Paul F. Scott Fitzgerald tour is a stop at 599 Summit Ave. This is where Fitzgerald lived and wrote his first novel “This Side of Paradise.” Be sure to ring the doorbell and let the current occupant know your enthusiasm for all things F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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