Scottish Ghost Tour For Comedians in Edinburgh


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland has the largest collection of comedians gathered in the world. Held every August, over 3,000 acts are performing at this art/entertainment extravaganza. So why not take a comedian  on the legendary Edinburgh Ghost Tour and see if they can make it through the entire spooky evening without getting the living beejeebes scared out of them.

TODAY: Welsh Comedian Miles  Lloyd


The streets of Edinburgh are the inspiration for the book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What what has sent Miles running just mere minutes into the tour?


The caves beneath the streets of Edinburgh is where they used to bury the bodies during the time of the plague. But don’t tell that to a comedian….


Greyfriars Cemetery is one of the most haunted locations in Edinburgh.


The ghost of obscure Scottish poet, William Topez MacGunagall, is said to haunt those who partake in guitar comedy.


Miles thinks he sees a ghost or is having a flashback to last night’s crowd.




In the end, comedians should only take ghost tours, ironically!

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