Borealis Palace

Where in the wild is best to catch the borealis without the cafuffle of bundling up and searching for a likely locale?

Consider Canada. A top pick for its title of Polar Bear Capital of the World, Manitoba is a must.

New now, Natural Habitat Adventures puts skywatchers hoping for aurora borealis bliss in pods. Comfy enclaves on offer are called Aurora Pods, warm glass enclosures with a 360-degree night-sky view from kick-back theatre-style seats. Visit Natural Habitat Adventures online for details.

Or try Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen for its glass igloos fitted with thermal, frost-free glass walls and ceilings.

Kakslauttanen_igloos_3598 (1)

The beauty of the borealis palace approach is that they are situated where there is low light pollution. And there’s no need to bundle up and wait. You may need to be patient and plan ahead. Check as a one-stop reference site for all celestial events.

Our friends at Travel Alberta — where they boast the world’s second largest dark sky preserve in Jasper — and award-winning photographer Paul Zizka offer some tips for capturing this rarity.

  • find a spot with no light pollution
  • frame your shot with a foreground to add interest and focus on the closest element in the frame
  • use a tripod (your camera must be stationary), a wide-angle lens and manual settings (f4, ISO 1600, 30-second exposure)
  • shoot wide open (lowest f-stop) to let in as much light as possible
  • let the shutter speed go long enough to expose properly, but not so long that you lose the structure of the lights as they move

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